• Among the causes that can lead to liver becomes serene, this soul becomes quiet, when a work is prayer.
  • How does ..!? It has been used in self shollallohu Prophet ‘alaihi wa sallam prayer as a time of rest for him.
  • Prophet shollallohu ‘alaihi wa sallam has said to his friend Bilal Rodliallohu noble’ anhu, that is to say; “O Bilal. !! Istirahatkanlah us with prayer. (Hr, Ahmad, Abu Daud and dishohihkan by Al imam Al-Albani). – So we also know that the rest of the Prophet ‘alaihi salam sholatu was when he was working on prayer, as has been used as well as conditioning for his eyes when praying.
  • We would like to explain briefly about the issue of prayer and divide it into several points;
    .Ma’na Prayer; it is the language of prayer is Benediction.
  • The term basis is; Worship Allah with words and deeds that starts with Takbeer and ended invitation greeting, with intention and special requirements. (Shohih jurisprudence sunnah, the prayer book).

Wide and Law prayer.

  • The ‘Ulama explain that there are two kinds of prayer;
  • 1 – Mandatory / fardlu; ie if someone accidentally left it because he has sinner to Allah ta’ala .. like prayer 5 times etc.
  • 2 – Sunnah; ie when someone left it on purpose so he does not engage in immoral to Allah ta’ala said .. as sunnah prayers rotibah / witir etc .. but a still advisable to do and dimakruhkan if leave.

How exalt prayer case ..?

  • It has the Salaf very great attention to the affairs of prayer, even they are very excited and vying to be present in the mosque when adzan to get together ihrom takbirotul priests.
    Here Sa’id Ibn Musayyib (high priest) in his time; once said; I have never been left to the interpretation of the first since 50 yrs ago .. Subhanalloh .. !!
    -Dimanakah Us, O reader. !! When the call to prayer echoed. !!
    -Dimanakah Us when the muezzin chanting adzannya sound. !! Wallohul musta’an ..
  • case glorify prayer we can do in the following way;
  1. Noting times of prayer.
  2. Correcting about the pillars, the obligation of prayer and perfection.
  3. Hasten to accomplish it when it obligatory prayers.
  4. Grieving when he was left of one of the rights of prayer.
    On this last point we would like to mention some of the fruit of the work of prayer;

Cause light on the heart and limbs.
Shollallohu Prophet ‘alaihi wa sallam said; means; prayer is light (Hr Muslim).
Lifting degree .Will someone.
Prophet ‘alahis sholatu greeting was said to Tsauban; Expand yourself to bow down, indeed you are not completely prostrate prostrate to Allah, but He lift derajatmu and eliminate fault. (Hr Muslim)
.Sholat Is the key to getting lucky.
Allah ta’ala says; means;

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ
{}الَّذِينَ هُمْ فِي صَلَاتِهِمْ خَاشِعُونَ

“Successful indeed are the believers, namely; those who humility ‘in prayer. (Surat Al Mu’minun paragraphs 1 and 2)
. For getting help.
Shollallohu Prophet ‘alaihi wa sallam said; means; “Verily, Allah is helping people with the weak, due to their prayers, and to ikhlasan PRAYER them. (Hr the Nasa and dishohihkan by Al-Albani).
– La ilaha illalloh .. !! How great is the case prayers .. !!
– La ilaha illalloh. !! How great is the fruit of people who do pray .. !!
– La ilaha illalloh. !! How to lose people who underestimate the case of prayer.
– Therefore, O my brother. !!

  • Indeed, because happiness among us, among the causes of Allah preserve us, is when we lay this soul when praying.

pay attention. !! Among testament to his son Luqman al judge is to do prayers.

  • If so .. Treat your sadness WORKING WITH PRAYER ..
  • Make prayer as the rest of us, as an afterthought for us, that as if we were facing Allah ta’ala that the Mighty wise.
  • Thus bi idznillah, will lose the sense of SAD, despondent, restless & SENSE THAT THE WOUND IN LIFE .. “Aamiin ..”
  • It is in prayer there is reading al quran, that it is a cure for heart negligent.
  • It’s in there prostration prayer, that it was a time when a servant close to his Robb.
  • And there are indeed in prayer prayer-prayer, that it is a Muslim shield.
  • So do not wonder anymore if prayer has the magic and virtues that very much at all. Subhanalloh .. !!

  • Hopefully what little it can provide benefits to the reader, especially for us (the author). To be able to better maintain kekhusyu’an in prayer .. Aamiin ..

  • Wallohu bus a’lamu showab –

  • By; Abul Yemen ‘afallohu’ anhu.

  • -Daar El – hadeeth – fuyusy – Yemen –

    TIS (Thalab science Syar’i)


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