Not And Will Never Same Same, Goodness and Ugliness

Including wisdom given by Allah Ta’aala, Allah Ta’aala creates two opposing cases in this life, that is the good case and the case of ugliness, between good and destruction, between believers and unbelievers, the benefits and madhorrot, all was so perfect test and trial for Alloh.Sebagaimana servants in verse Allah Ta’aala:

قل لا يستوي الخبيث والطيب ولو أعجبك كثرة الخبيث فاتقوا الله يا أولي الألباب لعلكم تفلحون
Meaning: Say: “not equal bad with the good, bad though it drew many hearts, So fear Allah, O ye intelligent, that ye may prosper.” (Al Maidah: 100).


In the noble verse denied equality between good and evil, or anything of goodness so honored to be a necessity for every Muslim and Muslimah insane disclose the nature of goodness and badness of the thoyyib lafadz khobits and, because it is something that thoyyib provide benefits and expediency, and something khobits is kemudhorotan and damage. And even if it increases the value of the ugliness that is on individuals, deeds-deeds, sayings, property, food and drinks, it really is not going to remain the same between the good and the evil in everything that and similarly in the case other. Will not be the same between good and evil that exist in one’s personalities, Allah Ta’aala says:

أفمن كان مؤمنا كمن كان فاسقا لا يستوون
Meaning: Do people believe in the same wicked people? they are not the same. (As Sajadah: 18).

Word of Allah Ta’aala;

أم حسب الذين اجترحوا السيئات أن نجعلهم كالذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات سواء محياهم ومماتهم ساء ما يحكمون
Meaning: Do the people who make evil think that We will make them like those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, that is the same between life and death they? Evil is what they thought. (Al Jatsiah: 21).

Word of Allah Ta’aala:

لا يستوي أصحاب النار وأصحاب الجنة أصحاب الجنة هم الفائزون
Meaning: It is not the same dwellers of hell with the inhabitants of Jannah; dwellers of Jannah That lucky ones. (Al-Hashr: 20).

Word of Allah Ta’aala:

أفنجعل المسلمين كالمجرمين () ما لكم كيف تحكمون
Meaning: So What should we make orng-Muslims are the same with those who sinned (the unbelievers)?

Or Are you (to do so): How do you make decisions? (Al Qolam 35-36).

And is not the same as between something good and something bad in the deeds-deeds, Allah Ta’aala says:

ولا تستوي الحسنة ولا السيئة ادفع بالتي هي أحسن فإذا الذي بينك وبينه عداوة كأنه ولي حميم
Meaning: And good and evil are not the same. Repel (evil) with a better way, then all of a sudden people among you there was enmity between him and seems to have a very loyal friend. (Fushilat: 34).

And the same is not also something good with something bad from the words, the words of Allah Ta’aala:

ألم تر كيف ضرب الله مثلا كلمة طيبة كشجرة طيبة أصلها ثابت وفرعها في السماء () تؤتي أكلها كل حين بإذن ربها ويضرب الله الأمثال للناس لعلهم يتذكرون () ومثل كلمة خبيثة كشجرة خبيثة اجتثت من فوق الأرض ما لها من قرار
Meaning: Do you not see how God has made a good sentence parable like a good tree, its roots are firm and its branches (looming) into the sky,

The tree gives its fruit in every season by the permission of their Lord. Allah makes metaphors for mankind so that they always remember.

And the parable of an evil word is like a bad tree, which had been revoked by the roots from the surface of the earth can not be fixed (upright) at all. (Ibrahim 24-26).

Allah and that Allah will raise mengkhabarkan good sentence Him, Allah Ta’aala says:

إليه يصعد الكلم الطيب والعمل الصالح يرفعه
Meaning: He shall ascend the words good and righteous deeds raised him (Fatir: 10).

And not as well as something good and something bad from the property, it wa sallam shollallohu’alaihi prophets that Allah Ta’aala has mengkhabarkan not accept unless shodaqoh of a property that thoyyib (good)., While if from property which khobits (gross) then Allah will not accept it, he shollallohu’alaihi wa sallam said:

Meaning: It is not a servant gives shodaqoh of property that thoyyib (halal), and not-except that Allah accept thoyyib-Rohman except Allah almighty will take it with her right hand. Agreed upon.

And in the Muslim shohih of his prophet shollallohu’alaihi wa sallam said:

Meaning: Allah Ta’aala does not accept prayer without purification (wudzu) and Allah Ta’aala not receive shodaqoh of treasure ghulul (stolen). And meaning ghulul is a treasure taken from the spoils of war or of the Baitul Maal in a way that is not true.

Likewise, the same is not ugliness with goodness of food and drink, indeed Allah Ta’aala matters justifies the good and mengharomkan khobits matters which, in the words of Allah Ta’aala mensifati RosulNya shollallohu’alaihi wa sallam:

ويحل لهم الطيبات ويحرم عليهم الخبائث
Meaning: and justifies for them all that is good and forbids them evil things (Al A’roof: 157).

Due to consume food and drinks that are good a good influence on the heart, body and character.

And a person who consumes an ugly matters of food and drink as well as have a bad effect on the heart, body and behavior, Allah Ta’aala says:

يا أيها الرسل كلوا من الطيبات واعملوا صالحا
Meaning: O messengers, eat from the good food, and serve righteousness. (Al Mukminun: 51)

And from Abu Huroiroh rodziallohu’anhu he said: That Rosululloh shollallohu’alaihi wa sallam said:

Meaning: Verily Allah Ta’aala is thoyyib (good) and does not accept except that thoyyib, and Allah Ta’aala has commanded the believers as already instructed the RosulNya, Allah Ta’aala says:

يا أيها الرسل كلوا من الطيبات واعملوا صالحا
Meaning: O messengers, eat from the good food, and serve righteousness. (Al Mukminun: 51).

And Allah Ta’aala says:

يا أيها الذين آمنوا كلوا من طيبات ما رزقناكم واشكروا لله إن كنتم إياه تعبدون
Meaning: O ye who believe, eat of the sustenance which is good that we have given you and be grateful to Allah, if it is really Him ye worship. (Al Baqoroh: 172)


Then said: someone who travels long, tangled hair in a state he was lifted into the sky and said: Robb yaa, yaa Robb, while makanannnya of the kharom, drink from the kharom and clothes than he that kharom dai kharom grown from that, whether it will be granted for him? Narrated by Muslim. meaning: That Allah Ta’aala purified from the properties and attributes lack a disgrace, and Allah does not accept a case unless either of the deeds-deeds, deeds-deeds that when the net from various damages such as riya ‘, sum’ah, ujub, and all of the types of shirk. And it is not Allah accept from shodaqoh except of good fortune and khalal, and not Allah Ta’aala received from the words but the words are good, as the word of Allah Ta’aala:

إليه يصعد الكلم الطيب والعمل الصالح يرفعه
Meaning: He shall ascend the words good and righteous deeds raised him (Fatir: 10).

And Allah does not accept persons unless the soul is thoyyib is a believer. Then a believer it is entirely good, heart, oral and body. And so it was because of his faith and the quiet of the causes appear on his tongue from dzikrulloh. And upper limbs with pious deeds-deeds are the fruit of faith and go to the naming of the faith. Then all things will be entirely acceptable thoyyibat Allah Ta’aala, as in the hadith tasyahhud: At-tahiyyatu lillah wa-thoyyibaatu. And including the case of the greatest good deeds that make a believer that good food, by eating a kosher meal, and the greatest damage cases and prevent the granting practice practice is to eat foods that kharom. As the hadith that are before us of the words: Robb yaa, yaa Robb and his food is kharom, the drink is Harom and pakaianya is kharom and grown from kharom cases, whether it will be granted to him?

From this hadith shows that eating foods and drinking beverages kharom kharom and dress kharom prevent the granting of the prayer, then from here is the greatest slur against those who absolutizing against their selves in collecting treasures kharom and efforts kharom of usury, bribery, lies, deception in the sale and purchase and sayings, and control of the property of another person with the debate in a way that dirty and perjury, and false testimony. In such a case the greatest slur against people who eat food and drink beverages kharom kharom of khomer, narcotics and in others or smoked, memngunyah qhot (sort of cannabis leaf). They eat everything khobitsah which reason and brain damage, as well as make the body sick and kill virility, and plunges to the humiliation and dragging to the actions and deeds fakhisah kharom, whether it would be granted such a prayer? How the soul can be at peace with deeds of obedience while her grown kharom cases? How does one soul into people who are pious souls while those grown from kharom cases? Bertaqwalah then you all to Allah Ta’aala O servants of Allah, and let you all replenish the case that Allah made lawful upon you from needing to matters that kharomkan Allah upon you, and in the case khalal it is the adequacy of need kharom cases, the word of Allah Ta’aala:

واجتنبوا قول الزور
Meaning: and turn away from the words of falsehood. (Al-Hajj: 30).

And turn away from uttering such khobits lies, backbiting, namimah, insults, and false testimony, false oaths and fajir and do not you say the words and do not listen to the words so that you become the people as Allah said about them:

وإذا سمعوا اللغو أعرضوا عنه وقالوا لنا أعمالنا ولكم أعمالكم سلام عليكم لا نبتغي الجاهلين
Meaning: And when they hear the words that are not useful, they turn away from it and they said: “For Us Our deeds and for you your deeds charity, Peace on you, we do not want to get along with people ignorant”. (Al Qoshosh: 55)

Would not be the same and will never be the same between good and evil.

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