Including Islamic Adab Adab in neighboring

8. Rights – the rights of neighbors
Stay away from neighbors hurt by words or deeds. Prophet has been warned by the words or deeds. He said:

“For God is not faithful! For the sake of God is not faithful! By Allah, do not believe! for the sake of God, not faith in people that neighbors are not safe from crime “[Reported by al Bukhari]

jangalah you throw trash – trash on the streets especially in front of your neighbor’s house like a banana or watermelon skin and the jam that annoy passers-by. You try to eliminate interference from a public road, especially from the neighboring street because the Prophet said:

“And get rid of the nuisance of street is shadawah” [Agreed alaih]

if the affected neighbors, consider her feelings. Help him from musibahnya, and help to relieve her grief. Do not harden your radio volume, do not let your family and guests – your guests talking too loud to keep the peace of the neighbors.

9. Fulfilling the promise
If you promise a child though, then fill your promise according to the time that has been set, and the perfect trading system ‘urbun (ie buying and selling with an advance payment, if the purchase money is not null then return) is to pay a little of treasures as a guarantee of fulfillment of the sale. Because a believer when telling the truth and when he promised to meet, and every person who menyelisihi promise means have to be with one person – hypocrites. by saying of the Prophet:

“There are three signs hypocritical lie when he spoke, he reneged and pledged apbila if he believed in treason”

10. Adab – adab visit the sick
Islam has been advocated to visit the sick especially if the song is sick relatives or neighbors. And the Prophet said:

“Verily Allah said on the day of Resurrection: O son Adam, I was sick but you did not visit me. ‘Adam boy replied:” O Lord, how I see you and you are the Lord of the Worlds? Allah said: ‘Do you not know that My servant so and so and you do not menjengungnya Shakir? not you know that if you see him going to find me in the side? (Narrated by Muslim)

including manners – manners visit the sick
a. The kunjunganya should briefly, so as not to tire the sick, it may be that people who are sick need rest or peace. Unless the person who is sick with you entertained.
b. Do not talk too much nearby, and do not you ask about pain story.
c. You input in her joy and happiness, you awaken to a healthy sense of optimism.
d. you say to the sick, it’s okay. Thohurun ​​(may be able to take away sins), you pray for the healing. Prophet said:

“He who visit the sick and yet breathe his then seven Kalil said his side. (I ask God the Most Great, his Lord Al Mighty Throne to heal) but God will heal him “[Classed as saheeh by al Hakim and agreed by Adz Dzhabi]

11. Looking Adab.
when you see a woman who safar, then tundukanlah your eyes because the eyes of adultery, and zinanya both eyes are looking at what is forbidden by Allah. this is the Messenger of Allah said:
“O Ali, do not follow the view with the view, the first view is a real must for you and not for you the second” [HR. Ahmad and the jam and in hasankan by Al-Albani in Shahilhul Jami ‘]

if you are married and you look to other women who are more beautiful than your wife, then your feelings, your soul will change terahadap wife. and you will be crushed by anxiety and disagreement with your wife.
and if you are not married and looking to foreign women (non mahram) then syahwatmu will rise and could be Satan will lead you to commit heinous acts. therefore, Allah commanded the believers in word:

قل للمؤمنين يغضوا من أبصارهم ويحفظوا فروجهم ذلك أزكى لهم إن الله خبير بما يصنعون
“Say to the believing men: ‘let meraka resist the consideration and maintains his cock; such it is purer for them, surely Allah is Aware of what they do” [An Nuur: 39]

and the Prophet said:

“I leave not after me a fitnah more harmful on men than women fitnahnya” [HR. Muslim]

12.Adab Advice
Prophet has guided to counsel. he said:

“Religion is the advice”
said to him: ‘for whom, O Messenger of Allah? he replied:
“Advice to Allah, to His Book, to His Messenger and to the leaders of the Muslims and the awamnya” [HR. Muslim]

but the advice has manners – manners which must be noted that we take manners – the manners of our teachers Prophet:
a. of Anas bin Malik, he said: “when we were in the mosque with the Prophet, suddenly there came a Bedouin, he stood up and urinated in the mosque. then the companions said: Do not .. do not!!! the Prophet said: “Do not you stop it, let him. Let stand until he finished! ‘Then the Prophet call the Bedouin and said to him:’ Sesunggguhnya mosque should not be an iota of the urine or feces. The mosque is only for the dhikr of Allah, praying, and reading the Quran “Anas once said:” Prophet then asked one of them to bring him a bucket of water then slowly poured over the ait pee.

b. Muslim has narrated from Al Hakam As Mu’awaiyah bi Sulami, he said: when I prayed with the Prophet arrived – arrived there was a congregation who sneezes then I said: Yarkhamukalloh then the congregation looked at me. then I say: why me? What have you seen me? then they banged their hands to the thighs. when they silence me, I was silent.

After the Prophet finished the prayer, then for the sake of the father and mother as ransom, I never see the teacher before and after the pengarjaranya better than him. By Allah he does not shout at me, do not hit me and did not reproach me. he said:
“Real prayer should not be in it speaks to man. it is simply the rosary prayer, takbit, and the reading of the Qur’an “[HR. Muslim]

(Taken from the book Ways of Educating Children, Al haura Library)

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