Allah is Forgiving, But Do not fall for

by: Ustadz Kharisman

God’s forgiveness is vast, Allah is the Oft-Forgiving. But, do not be deceived by the devil and the passions that bermudah I hope to sin.

يا أيها الإنسان ما غرك بربك الكريم

O mankind! What makes you fall for the Glory of the Lord? (Q.S al-Infithar: 6)

The attitude of a believer is a blend between Salih charity charity concerned with the feelings are not accepted.

والذين يؤتون ما آتوا وقلوبهم وجلة أنهم إلى ربهم راجعون

And those who give what they give, with a heart of fear, (because they know that) they will be returned to their God (QS alMukminuun: 60)

Mother of the faithful, Aisha radliyallaahu anha once asked the Prophet about the verse: (What is in this paragraph) is someone who is stealing, adultery, and drinking The wine, then he was afraid of God? The Apostle said: O daughter of Abu Bakr’s not, O daughter of as-Siddiq, but (as defined in that paragraph) is a prayer, shaum, and bershodaqoh, then he fears Allah (HR atTirmidzi, Ibn Majah, and Ahmad, dishahihkan alHakim and agreed adh-Dzahaby)

Al-Hasan al-Basri said: A believer combining good deeds with feelings of fear, while the hypocrite combines misconduct with a feeling of safety (relaxed, calm) (Tafsir Ibn Kathir)
One of the people of Paradise is their nature to feel fear Allaah and will continue to offer the best service to God.

قالوا إنا كنا قبل في أهلنا مشفقين (26) فمن الله علينا ووقانا عذاب السموم (27) إنا كنا من قبل ندعوه إنه هو البر الرحيم (28)

(Population heaven) said: Surely we used while in the midst of our families feel afraid (will diadzab). So God gave the gift to us and keep us from Allaah hell. Our first real worship. Surely he who bestows kindness, Most Merciful (QS atThuur :26-28)

Friends of the story Mulya, Umar ibn al-Khottob should be an afterthought, when he will die before the pain caused by poisonous knife when he became a priest, many Muslims bertakziyah. One of them was a young man. He came to see Umar and said: Rejoice thou, O Prince of Believers, the good news of God. Because you are the Companions of the Prophet, including predecessors in Islam (immigrants), then you become a leader and to be fair, while soon (Hopefully) you will die a martyr.

Note the words the young man. Umar has several features that caused him a great opportunity to go to heaven, namely:
(1) To be Companions of the Prophet
(2) Includes immigrants (Islamic leaders)
(3) Being a Caliph (Leader), which was witnessed by his people as a fair leader.
(4) Hopefully soon will die a martyr (because pierced mortally wounded when a heathen priest praying)
Not to mention the hadith explicitly stated that Umar is including 10 Companions of the Prophet that is guaranteed to go to heaven.

But how Umar answers to these glad tidings?
Umar precisely stated:

وددت أن ذلك كفاف لا علي ولا لي

I’ve been very happy if (virtues) that break-even with all of my sins (HR alBukhari)

Subhaanallah, we are far behind Umar, sometimes still like bermudah I hope to sin, saying: Ah, take it easy, God’s Merciful.
Forgive us O God, gather us in Jannah (Paradise) with your best people that you love: the Prophets, Shiddiqun, Syuhadaa ‘, and righteous people. We really need the grace and Thy mercy. Surely You are the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

(Quoted from the book “Success in the World Hereafter Istighfar and Repentance by Abu Uthman Kharisman pages 117-120)
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